SP PARABAG TARDIS Τσάντα Α' Βοηθειών και Απινιδωτή - Ύφασμα TPU

Διαθεσιμότητα: 7+ ημέρες
Τιμή σε πόντους: 280 πόντοι
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An unbelievably compact design measuring only 48 x 25 x 44cm allowing maximum storage in the minimum possible space
Heavy duty - designed for every day use 
TPU Coated Polyester - lighter than PVC 
More durable, better tear resistance and better cold/crack resistance than other bags 
Wipe clean materials 
Infection control friendly 
REACH compliant - fully environmentally friendly 
Fungus resistant 
Water resistant 
Heavy-duty, lockable zips 
Designed in the UK with the CQC in mind 
Conforms to ISO 13485
An unbelievably compact design allowing maximum storage in the minimum possible space
Highly reflective strips on both sides, back and front
Supplied with colour coded pouches
Removable, velcro attached grab bag
Shoulder strap supplied
Front pocket specifically designed for use with FRED, Lifepak 500 models and Heartstream Forerunner
Three small and one large outer pockets
Internal document pouch in the lid

7+ ημέρες
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